Born in October 1988,
South Sardinia

in art, also known as Fabio Tallo
I hold a Master’s degree in Philosophical Sciences from the University of Milan, I am a multidisciplinary producer of media outputs, a musician and a sound designer.

Primarily a composer and musician, I develop soundscapes.
My audio creation process favors the capture of environmental sounds, both artificial and natural, through the practice of audio sampling and their subsequent remodeling.
From these steps I make loops, synthesizers, and rhythmic sections that I use to develop new languages that engage in a collaborative dialogue with my work subjects.

Over the years, I have had the pleasure of collaborating with several artists and realities, including Tonino Casula, Caterina Erica Shanta, Fabio Piccioni, Prometheus Lab, Fotoromanzo italiano, Padiglione Tavolara, My Art Guides, Dolomiti Contemporanee and Progettoborca.

Within the latter, I launched the “Studio campione” project in 2020, where I engage in multidisciplinary sampling activities and works, including microscopic photography, vegetal carbonization, and organic pigment production”.

On a more general level, my work involves a strong theoretical framework aimed at achieving a re-application of meaning to the concepts involved in the study of my subjects of investigation. This leads me to uncover specific narrative structures that envelop them, in an attempt to approach their essence and present them in new narrative forms.

My operational focus is on technological re-domestication, the repositioning of techniques into an exclusively instrumental role in the production horizon, in order to counteract their typical leading role of the modern era. 

This is possible through their re-conversion: by changing the intended use of their tools, conceiving a different product output from what they were originally designed and developed for, shifting the target users, and repurposing obsolete tools and forms of traditional techniques that have fallen into the oblivion of decommissioning and disuse.